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Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas and Tips

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Remodeling Ideas


Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas and Tips

Bathrooms can be so much more than a small room where you begin and end your day. With all the new options and amenities, a well-designed bathroom can spark joy, add convenience, and bring a sense of well-being to your daily life. Imagine a morning that includes a spa-like experience to greet you and send you on your way. Or a private, relaxing space to close out a long day.

Master Bathroom remodel

This scenario is definitely within your reach—all it takes is some careful thought and planning to get there. So before you (or anyone you hire) starts tearing out walls or swinging a hammer, here are some ideas and tips to help you have a successful remodeling experience. The bonus? You’ll avoid the costly and needless mistakes of having to back up and start over.

Bathroom remodeling ideas and tips

  • Set your priorities.

    List everything you’d like to include in your dream bathroom and assign a value number to each item: #1 is most desirable, going on down the list. This may be the most important way you can prepare for your remodel. When it comes time to determine an appropriate investment for your project, you’ll be ready with your own personal version of what makes the perfect bathroom. Your Designer and Estimator can be much more efficient in presenting a design and budget to you. Here are some ideas to help get your conversation started:
    –Update the look of the bathroom with new materials.
    –Replace the unused tub with a great walk-in shower.
    –Use space from adjoining room to create a larger master bathroom/suite.
    –Bring more light into the bathroom.
    –Repair existing damage and create a whole new bathroom.
    –Make the bathroom more user-friendly so we can live in our home long term.
    –Build an addition with new bathroom.
    –Double vanity sinks.
    –Lots of storage.

    Now, we understand that sometimes you just have no idea what you’d like to include in your new bathroom. If that is how you’re feeling, here’s what you do: find photos of bathrooms that appeal to you, even if you’re not sure why. Let your Designer see the photos and chances are he/she will be able to give you guidance on direction and style. Check out some bathroom before and after photos here!

    Here’s a portfolio showing a white bathroom transformation including the materials used in the remodel. And for a good example of a contemporary wood master bathroom, click here.

    Bathroom remodeling ideas and tips

  • Count the cost in both money and time.

    What is your investment range? What time frame would work for you and your family?
    –Be realistic about your budget numbers. What level of investment are you comfortable making? Decide if you’re willing to stretch that a bit to get everything on your wish list. If not, what compromises might you make to fulfill your highest priorities?
    –What is the block of time you could commit to a remodeling project? Would one season of the year be better than another for you and your family? If you start planning early, you’ll be able to ask your contractor to schedule the most convenient time frame.

    If you need help determining appropriate investment numbers for your level of remodeling, here’s our handy guide to What Bathroom Remodeling Costs.  

    Bathroom design and remodeling help

  • Seek out the best team you can find to help you design and remodel your bathroom.

    –Did you know that you can save yourself a lot of challenges by choosing a Design/Build Remodeler? They provide the whole package—first, a professional designer who makes sure your layout, colors, materials, and decor match your style and needs. You’ll also get a construction team who follows a proven process to work seamlessly with your designer.
    –You’ll want to find a team that fits you personally—you’re going to be spending a lot of time with them. What should you look for? Professionalism. Responsiveness. Commitment. Congeniality. Creativity. Technology resources. Timeliness. Experience.

    Bathroom remodeling building permits

  • Never start a project without all necessary permits.

    –Make sure your contractor is committed to following the rules. If permits are not acquired, you could have problems when you try to sell your house, especially if legal setbacks are not followed.

    Bathroom Remodeling Be Patient

  • And finally, be flexible and keep your sense of humor throughout.

    –Every remodeling project is unique and even with the best laid plans, there can be surprises. Older homes in particular can harbor things behind the walls that you never imagined. Once discovered, your team will need to make sure all issues are appropriately addressed before moving on. While rare, unusual challenges can be incorporated into the remodel and taken care of in due course.  Just keep in mind how awesome the end result will be and grace your construction team with kindness as they work. You’ll end up friends for life.

    Bathroom Remodeling experts
    Andrew Lethin and Beth Rhoades, C&R Remodeling Owners

Are You Ready to Get Started?

There’s no place like home, and the perfect bathroom remodel can make it even more appealing. By setting priorities, being up front and realistic about your budget and time parameters, you will be well on your way to getting that perfect bathroom. And when you work with a team who combines great design with expert craftsmanship and commitment to the rules, you know you’ll have a bathroom that will bring delight for years to come.

Are you ready to get started? You have the opportunity to work with experts who understand how to bring out the best in your home. C&R Remodeling has been designing and remodeling homes like yours for almost 60 years. In fact, our vast experience and constant innovation are factors in bringing home numerous national awards for design creativity and construction quality. Learn more about us and the awards we’ve garnered.

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