2019 Tour of Remodeled Homes

C&R Remodeling

Without adding a square inch of space, C&R redesigned and remodeled this cramped kitchen to provide abundant storage and a color palette that brightens even the grayest Oregon days.

How We Did It

The existing kitchen had been cosmetically updated over the years, but the 1935 layout remained intact. The existing exterior door was tucked back in a corner which created an awkward bottleneck. It also prevented efficient use of the limited space.
We relocated the door, centering it on the outside wall. This allowed us to create a new workflow-friendly layout. (See the before and after floor plans at bottom of page.)

The Refrigerator Had to Move

The existing refrigerator stood at a right angle to the main wall and blocked any meaningful connection to the dining room. Our design plan included the relocation of the refrigerator away from the wall between the kitchen and dining room and enlargement of the doorway.

The Perfect Transition From Kitchen to Dining

This change allowed us to create a gracious transition area—the perfect spot for new floating shelves and a buffet cabinet with wine rack. A polished quartz countertop flows seamlessly from atop the buffet to the adjacent kitchen cabinets, reinforcing the relationship between the two spaces.

Thoughtful Storage Solutions

To make the available storage more useful, we specified drawers instead of the typical cabinet doors and shelves. In case you haven’t experienced it, drawers are easier to organize because you can see everything in them at once. Full extension drawers are also easier to access because the entire space is right at your fingertips, all the way to the back of the cabinet. (You can enjoy impressing your friends with the new level of organization in the kitchen!)
A narrow vertical pantry optimizes a slender 8” space and full height upper cabinets make full use of the high ceiling. Lazy Susans utilize the two corners and an under-counter microwave preserves counter space.

New Kitchen Retains Vintage Charm

Complimenting the kitchen’s contemporary conveniences are details relating to the home’s 1935 heritage.  A new historically correct double-hung window above the tall apron sink is surrounded by frosted white subway tile and period deco tiles in orange, eggplant, and green. A traditional hexagon tile mosaic is the eye-catching focal point above the range.

Details That Matter

Flooring is period Marmoleum blue—the modern, eco-friendly version of traditional linoleum. We also installed crystal doorknobs on new French doors leading to the basement.
In place of the old back door is a new yet traditional Dutch door with half window. It brightens and visually expands the kitchen with a view of the beautifully landscaped back yard.

Kitchen remodel including colorful Dutch door

Before and After Layouts

The drawings below show the layout before remodeling and the design concept we used in completing the project. The drawing on the left indicates how the original exterior door was stuck in the back corner. The inward swing of the door left little room for any storage and made entering and exiting inconvenient.

The schematic on the right shows the new door centered on the wall. This not only allows for a better overall layout in the kitchen but the Dutch door swings out so that no area of the perimeter is blocked when entering the space.

A retracting screen door provides protection from summer bugs and lets the homeowner enjoy plenty of fresh air.

It’s Your Turn

Are you ready to add convenience, efficiency, and beauty to your own home? We are here to help you with design and construction that fits your personal lifestyle. Simply call C&R Remodeling today to speak with one of our experts. Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom, or your whole house, our designers will listen and create a plan that fits your needs in ways you may never have imagined.