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Historic Home Addition

  • Historic Home Addition

    Home Addition

The homeowner of this historic home in the heart of Salem asked C&R to build a home addition for an upstairs master bedroom suite, a downstairs sun room and a butler’s pantry adjacent to the kitchen. We knew it was important to create a design worthy of the home and neighborhood. The final plans fit so perfectly with the existing house that it’s hard to tell what was old and what is new!

Construction ran through the dead of winter and required some careful orchestration. We erected a “tent” over the construction area to protect the interior from the fierce Oregon weather. The challenge brought out the best in our crew and the homeowner!

Catherine H.

“C & R Remodeling is a quality company with people who care personally about the service they are providing. One night, when the wind was gusting so heavily that it awoke our lead carpenter at his home, he jumped out of bed and drove to our construction site to check on the tarping that was covering our remodeling project. That is personal attention to care and detail! We have many examples of the personal attention to fine workmanship and care for which we commend C & R Remodeling.”

Catherine H.

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