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    Kitchen Remodel

This kitchen and family room remodel was particularly satisfying for the designers and carpenters at C&R. The homeowner wanted a new kitchen that was true to the home’s historic roots. She also wanted to incorporate current amenities so the kitchen functioned more conveniently. Storage was also an issue.

New custom cabinets replaced the tired and worn cupboards. A moveable island took center stage where the claustrophobic peninsula had stood. Modern conveniences were added to every corner of the room. A pull-out pantry was installed next to the refrigerator and now offers plenty of storage in a compact space. A built-in hutch complements the kitchen and dining décor. Spices are kept finger-tip ready in a spice drawer. A clever ‘Magic Corner’ cabinet makes convenient use of the previously inaccessible space.

This kitchen and family room now functions cohesively and is the activity and entertaining center of the home.

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