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Ranch Home Renewal

The owners of this ranch-style home spent months looking for a newer home with the modern amenities they craved. They realized that most older houses needed renovation, that new houses had tiny lots, and that their location just was too good to give up. They chose to remodel instead of move and turn their existing home into the home of their dreams.

Project details:

• Enlarge and both update hall and master bathrooms
• New interior doors, exterior windows
• Complete interior re-paint
• New carpet and hardwood flooring
• Update masonry on living room fireplace
• New front door and entry
• Update 70’s era exterior to reflect a more current style with curb appeal

Client comments:

 “Can’t say enough about the bathrooms and the whole house, it is just amazing. We have a brand new home. After going through several remodels on other homes, this was by far the easiest and most successful project we have ever been through. Thanks to C&R and their whole team!”

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