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Photo Studio & Family Room Home Addition

  • Photography Studio & Family Room Addition

    Home Addition

Homeowners Richard and Christina Stefani attended a C&R Kitchen and Bath Seminar with the full intention of remodeling their kitchen. However, they came away intrigued with the idea of building a back yard studio. Their new studio ingeniously connects to the main house via a porch/breezeway/deck providing a separate, sheltered entry to the studio for clients and visitors. Richard is so pleased with this space that he recently quipped, “If I saw this and it wasn’t mine, I would be jealous!”

Richard is an award-winning photographer and the structure was designed to provide a separate, designated workspace. Once the room was built, it became much more. According to Christina, “we use it as a client consultation room, shooting area for people and products, a gallery, an extra family room, a movie theater (we project movies and old-fashioned slide shows/multimedia presentations on the smooth back wall), and even hold dinner parties in it. It really is multi-purpose.”

Richard & Christina

“We needed more room but our historic home did not lend itself to a stereotypical addition. C&R Remodeling showed us how we could have a separate yet attached family room and studio that would blend with our home and surroundings. We know a lot of people say this, but getting the beautiful family room with a fireplace is far beyond what we had hoped. Everything has been absolutely perfect and we couldn’t be happier with the whole experience!”

Richard & Christina

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