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Garden House & Studio Addition

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    Home Addition

Homeowners Linda and Jack Stewart wanted to completely upgrade their back yard to include fountains, ponds, decks, and patios. They also wanted a room addition. The space would give them extra room for meeting clients, relaxing, working, and watching football on a big screen. As a certified Interior Designer, Linda was certain about how she wanted the space to look and function but didn’t know if it could fit her budget. C&R helped her with some subtle modifications that kept the spirit of the design while providing substantial savings on this home addition.

This impressive addition exudes warmth and ambience. An organic color palette includes a stacked stone fireplace that intentionally relates to the beautiful natural surroundings. Sunlight streams in through multiple skylights. Two sets of French doors allow the room to become one with the outdoors. A creatively conceived breezeway joins the addition and main house. This provides a separate entry while maintaining a comfortable connection between the two.

Linda and Jack

“We love spending time in our new garden house. It serves as our media room and a great overflow space at the holidays. It also provides an area to work on projects for my interior design service.”

Linda and Jack

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