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Back Yard Cabana and Pool Home Addition

  • Back Yard Cabana & Pool

    Home Addition

A large but pedestrian back yard became a glamorous playground for grown-ups in the outdoor addition and remodel. The vision started with a motion pool and cabana. As the design progressed, it grew to encompass the entire yard area.

The Cabana is designed to embrace entertaining, with an interior living space, kitchenette, and an open-air covered hearth area. These environments seamlessly integrate and visually connect to the new garden. The Cabana also functions as a private Guest House, and takes advantage of the beautiful spring and summer weather, while providing a protected area in the cold and wet winter months. Sustainable materials are used throughout and features include an open-hearth area with fireplace, an interior living space with kitchenette and bathroom suite, a spa tub and exercise pool.

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