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Remodeling 101: How To Get The Results You Want

Successful remodeling always starts with a great plan. Our remodeling process is a progression of tried-and-true steps to develop the best plan to meet your goals. Here is how it works: PHASE ONE: EXPLORE “What Will My Investment Be?” Step 1) Free in-home consultation to discuss ideas, possibilities, and how C&R can best meet your […]

What Does Kitchen Remodeling Cost?

Every project is unique, but these are the three most common remodeling levels: 1.) Cosmetic     2.) Pull & Replace     3.) Reconstruction or ‘Custom’. We’re going to explain each of these levels and provide general investment ranges to help you determine which is best for your needs. However, don’t feel you have to restrict […]

What Does Bathroom Remodeling Cost?

Have you been thinking about remodeling your bathroom but haven’t a clue where to start? This article will provide insider information on the different levels of remodeling and a budget range for each. You’ll soon find out whether that bathroom you’ve been dreaming of is feasible, and how you can use careful planning to get […]

Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas and Tips

  Bathroom Design and Remodeling Ideas and Tips Bathrooms can be so much more than a small room where you begin and end your day. With all the new options and amenities, a well-designed bathroom can spark joy, add convenience, and bring a sense of well-being to your daily life. Imagine a morning that includes […]

How to Make a Small Kitchen Roomy and Efficient

Dysfunctional Kitchen Updated With Clever Design The original kitchen in this 1930’s era home had received minor updates over the years. But the floor plan was still awkward and inefficient. The homeowner did her best to create more storage by using baskets tucked in corners and bags hung on the walls. Unfortunately, no matter what […]

Bathroom Remodeling: To Tub or Not to Tub?

“Do We Really Need to Keep the Tub?” Homeowners puzzle over whether they need a tub or if they can have what they really want–a drop dead awesome tile shower. In the past, the advice was to make sure there was at least one tub somewhere in the house–for resale value. But times have changed […]

6 Fabulous Features for Your Dream Bathroom

When you are ready to remodel, be sure to explore upgrades that can make your bathroom something really special. Here are six features that many homeowners consider when planning their remodel. You might be tempted to incorporate all six, but it’s totally depends on your space, your budget, and your lifestyle. Even one or two […]

When Does Whole House Remodeling Make Sense?

Sometimes, a new kitchen and bathroom is all that’s needed to make a house feel completely transformed. However, not all houses fit into that category. Sometimes, a house has to be completely gutted and rebuilt to achieve the desired result. Situated in a beautiful beach front location, this home was the perfect example of the […]

Accessibility Made Beautiful: Bathroom for Now and the Future

Everyone agrees—there’s no place like home, which seems to hold true especially true as we get older. According to AARP, 85% of adults age 65+ want to stay in their current home and community as they age. Among younger people age 50 to 64, 71% are already thinking about how they might age in place. […]

How to Revive a Master Bathroom

When It’s Time To Remodel It is easy to become accustomed to ‘things as they are’ without recognizing how much our homes might be aging. The sad truth is that all houses age–and some parts age less gracefully than others. If you happen to have a fiberglass shower or tub, you know exactly what we […]