Mid-Century Modern Kitchen With a Twist

One of the many great pleasures in remodeling is having the opportunity to work on a Mid-Century Modern home. When C&R was asked to re-design and remodel this kitchen we could hardly contain our excitement. Creating a design and then remodeling one of Salem’s treasured gems was truly an honor.

Possibilities Abound When the “Bones” Are Good

As with most Mid-Century homes, the “bones” were great but the finishes tired and worn. We created a design that retained the primary structural elements and enhanced the Mid-Century spirit. Strategic modifications improved work flow and layout while the soaring ceilings and abundant natural light sources remained intact.

Mid-Century kitchen gets complete makeover in Salem, Oregon

In addition to the updated kitchen, renovations included the laundry room and powder bathroom. Amenities for the new areas include:

  • New custom Cherry cabinets
  • New Quartzite countertops
  • All new appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • New lighting plan and fixtures
  • New hardwood flooring
  • New tile backsplash
  • New, larger kitchen window
  • New kitchen island

Meeting the Challenge

One interesting feature that came with the original kitchen was a masonry encased indoor grill (built into the back side of the fireplace). Removing the grill was a delicate operation as we needed to support the overhead brickwork during the process then build in a new structural system. We also had to carefully modify the brick opening to accept some new custom-built Cherry cabinets.

Kitchen floor plan revised and updated.

Re-Purposing Under-Utilized Space

We transformed the existing laundry room into a gorgeous Butler’s Pantry. It is adjacent to the kitchen and provides an unexpected level of convenience. The new design relocated the laundry room to a separate, previously under-used space.

The homeowners recently commented, “We can’t believe how much bigger everything feels now, even though we didn’t add any space.”  We are pleased that our design works so well for them!

Laundry room transformed into Butler's Pantry

We were able to bring this Mid-Century Modern home into the 21st Century without robbing it of charm and character. It is a great example of how careful planning and design can include current amenities and conveniences that fit nicely with the nostalgic beauty of times past.

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  1. Joshua Anderson Slate
    Joshua Anderson Slate says:

    Beautifully done! Not only do the after pictures here look much cleaner and more modern, but it really does feel as if your work made the rooms grow. I like that you were able to keep some of the original charm of the room (those white bricks) in the finished product as well.


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