Remodeling Concludes with the Perfect Porch

After having C&R remodel their kitchen, remodel their bathrooms, and build a new deck, these homeowners asked us to tackle one final project. Build a porch. They had always wished their house provided shelter from the elements for their front door and the guests who entered there. But they worried that a poorly designed addition might do more harm than good.

That’s where the C&R design team stepped in to create a plan that would enhance without detracting in any way.


Details the Key

We took special care to include just the right amount of detailing.

  • Roof pitch matching the existing roof of the house.
  • Appropriately scaled columns.
  • Just enough ornamentation to make it interesting.
  • Black wrought iron matte railings and banisters.

Salem porch remodel

Gracious Entry

Neighbors are very complimentary when they see the new porch. They all say, “It looks like it has always been there!” And on those rainy, blustery Oregon winter days, visitors enjoy having a cozy, sheltered place to wait expectantly for the door to open.

Porch adds life to front of house

Clients for Life

We love how our clients consistently return to C&R for their continuing remodeling needs. Read the story of one of their previous projects–a full kitchen remodel. We often work throughout an entire house, one project at a time. It ends up feeling like family.

Are you looking for a remodeler you can trust with your home? Call us today at 503-363-1343. We’d appreciate the opportunity to learn how we can help with your unique needs and dreams. Contact us here.

Dogs and remodeling

P.S. Their dog loved us too!

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