Shower hardware

From Boring Bathroom to Bathing Bliss!


Like many homes in the Willamette Valley, this bathroom included a compact fiberglass shower with a tight glass enclosure. Perfectly serviceable but hardly ideal. Homeowner Diane Elliott asked C&R to design and remodel her bathroom, including this shower.

Art Mirrors Life in Custom Shower Design

Diane is a textile artist and accomplished seamstress. She has created amazing and beautiful designs—particularly in quilting. She decided to put her considerable skill to use and formulated a tile design that pays homage to her love of quilts. She asked C&R to use her layout as a jumping off point for our tile artisan who carefully listened to her intention and made the magic happen.

“I can’t say enough good things!” says Diane.

“The project from start to finish was so well done in every aspect. I loved meeting with Beth to figure out colors and textures and fixtures. All the craftsmen and artisans were superb. And clean!! WOW! At the end of the day, there wasn’t a speck of dust floating around. The tile installer is an amazing artist. I wanted a random look to the tile and he surpassed my fondest hopes. The final shower is beautiful!

My new and larger shower is so much more than a ‘new and larger’ shower. Thank you.”

–Diane ElliottShower remodel before and after.

Not only is the tile design gorgeous, but the new shower is significantly larger and more accommodating. Diane chose to forego any shower door or glass enclosure, making the space easily accessible. The shower heads are aimed toward the back wall which prevents water splash outside the shower.

One of the custom features in this shower is a wall niche trimmed in glass decorative tile. It is the perfect spot to keep shower accessories handy yet out of the way. We also built in a corner shower bench, also trimmed in the glass tile. A bench adds a great deal of convenience and usability to showers.  By angling it in the corner, we made the most of the available space.


Shower niche and bench


Fixtures Worthy of a Spa

Then there’s the hardware—oh, the HARDWARE! Just look at the dual shower heads. The wall-mounted, fully adjustable shower head is perfect for bathing when seated or standing. In addition, the rain-head shower fixture offers spa experience for every day of the year.

Shower hardware


A low-barrier curb keeps water where it’s supposed to be while still providing easy entry. Diane chose to forego a shower door or glass enclosure, making the space even more easily accessible.

Shower curb


C&R Remodeling specializes in custom one-of-a-kind projects that are designed to fit our client’s needs. We listen and work to make sure the result perfectly suits the homeowner’s needs, dreams, and budget. Are you ready for a remodel? Call us today at 503-363-1343 to schedule a free in-home consultation. Find out how easy remodeling can be.

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