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What is Willamette Valley Style, you wonder?

Willamette Valley Style emerges in home design when we select materials and colors that capture the essence of our shared surroundings. When it also meshes with a homeowner’s personal taste, it is a style that feels both comfortable and compelling. That’s Willamette Valley. (Learn more about WV Style below.)

At C&R Design / Remodel, we consistently draw from our surroundings for insight, embracing the complexity of our local architecture and ecosphere. We cannot imagine ever running short of inspiration.



Where Willamette Valley Style Originates

There’s no place like home, especially for those of us lucky enough to live in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

We are close enough for a day-trip to almost anywhere in the state. Yet we don’t have to deal with the severe weather or big-city congestion other locations experience. We may not be as flashy as our neighbors to the north, or experience the youthful energy of college towns to the south, but we make up for it in community. The community that pays attention to where we live and why.

Everyone at C&R has lived and worked in the valley most of our lives, and we are constantly inspired by our surroundings. This inspiration permeates everything we do, including our designs. We call this Willamette Valley Style.

C&R Remodeling delivers Willamette Valley Style



On-Demand Inspiration

Do you enjoy seeing before and after views of remodeled homes? They really have a way of captivating our attention, don’t they? Sometimes there is such a transformation that it is hard to believe it is the same space.

Here’s a good example:

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