Bathroom Remodel With Dazzling Details in Salem, Oregon

It Began With a Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Seminar

Before remodeling their hall bathroom, Gary and Joyce attended C&R’s Kitchen & Bath Seminar. They learned a great deal about design, material options, budgeting, planning, and construction considerations. They also viewed inspiring “before & after” photos and left feeling empowered and confident.

Collaboration is the Key

Their next step was collaboration with C&R to artfully balance their dreams, needs, and budget. Every design choice and selection took these three elements into consideration. For practicality, C&R’s Plans Designer suggested they keep the basic bathroom layout. This effectively reduced costs by limiting the project scope. To create a cohesive, pleasing aesthetic, C&R’s Interior Designer offered them options that reflected their personal style and taste.

Careful Construction & Detailing

Once the planning was complete and the products were in hand, C&R completed the construction phase with great care and detailing. The final result is a drop-dead gorgeous bathroom with enviable amenities including:

  • Beautiful Cherry cabinetry in a warm wood stain finish.
  • Gleaming ceramic sink mounted under easy-to-maintain Quartz countertops.
  • Large framed mirror installed over a full-wall glass & stone mosaic backsplash.
  • Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring for warmth and visual appeal.

Before & After Remodeling Photos:

C&R Bathroom Elegance – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Putting It All Together, The Final Chapter

As part of the remodel, Joyce wanted the existing bathtub removed. Her plan was to purchase an antique dressing table for the vacated spot. But after searching high and low, she could not find exactly what she wanted. Then, while staging for the post-completion photography, C&R Interior Designer Linda Stewart asked to use some of the couple’s personal items to decorate. In her search, she noticed a wicker desk in their dining room. She moved it into the bathroom where it fit perfectly. Linda found other coordinating accessories including the lovely boudoir lamp to complete the decor.

Joyce and Gary loved every detail and decided to keep everything just the way Linda placed it. Now, the lamp is always lit because it creates a constant, lovely ambiance. They say that even just walking by their new bathroom makes them happy.


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