Four Great Kitchen Remodeling Details

When planning your kitchen remodel, be sure to consider the many options for convenience, storage, and ambience. Here’s a short list of some great details to incorporate:

1. Maximize storage space with pull-outs.

Pull-out pantry storage units can help create and maintain a more efficient kitchen work space. In a width as narrow as 9″, pull-out shelving can hold an entire pantry’s worth of goods. These cabinets are especially handy when located in proximity to a baking area.

2. Utilize every inch of your corner cabinets.

Make the most of your corner cabinet space with this Magic Corner II from Hafele. The front baskets pull out and swivel to an open position while the back baskets move to the cabinet opening. The back baskets also slide forward individually to provide complete access. The Soft and Silent feature slows the pull-out just before final closure, creating automatic and silent closing.

No longer will retrieving items from the corner cabinet be so difficult!

A Useful Corner Cabinet

A Useful Corner Cabinet

3. Add Natural Light to the Kitchen.

Quite often the kitchen window is the smallest window in a house. However, it makes sense to open up the space to natural light. After all, it is the room where you spend a good share of your waking hours. Natural light makes every activity more pleasant, even washing pots and pans. This large picture window provides abundant natural light and an opportunity to enjoy the view.

Picture Window in Kitchen

Picture Window in Kitchen

4. Customize Cabinet Layout

One simple twist to the traditional all-in-a-row cabinet layout gives this kitchen added interest and functionality. The end cabinet turned to face the dining room creates a pleasingly intentional display space. It is also a handy landing spot for unloading groceries or keeping track of keys.

Custom End Cabinet

Custom End Cabinet

Getting a custom kitchen does not mean you have to pay for a super-sized kitchen. Our designers look at the available space then create a one-of-a-kind plan. You’ll love the result: a personalized work and gathering space combining convenience, utility, and beauty. Now is the time to bring your home to life with a new kitchen.

* * *

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  1. Naomi Haynes
    Naomi Haynes says:

    This makes me fall in love with my kitchen all over again!!! We love these features. And we’re so glad we didn’t have to bump out a wall to do it. Well written Jo!

  2. Jo Koenig
    Jo Koenig says:

    Thanks, Naomi! I have always loved your new kitchen and enjoy showing it off to people. Thank you for being such great people to work with; I think this kitchen is a reflection of the joy in your home.


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