Patio Cover Replaced Using SkyLift Roof Riser Brackets


The new patio cover creates a beautiful outdoor setting.

“Wow, that’s such a simple solution! Why didn’t I think of that?” Everyone who looks at this ingenious way of building patio covers utters those same words. The innovative design is made possible by using SkyLift Roof Riser Hardware. These roof riser brackets provide the structural support that allows us to ‘float’ the patio cover over an existing house roof.

Most patio covers are added after a home is completed. They end up being practically flat when attached at or below the fascia. It’s the low slope that creates so many problems: 1) Roof panels leak without the proper pitch; 2) debris accumulates on the roof; 3) water backs up and causes rot. And that’s just the technical part.

Patio cover BEFORE C&R Remodeling replaced it with new SkyLift Patio Cover Design

Typical patio covers feel too closed in and take away any chance for a sky view. They are hot in the summer and trap barbecue fumes right where you don’t want them. Then in the winter the cover prevents precious natural light from entering the house.

New patio cover completed using SkyLift roof riser brackets.

The advantages of this method of construction are multi-leveled: The SkyLift brackets provide a secure and weather-tight method of support for elevated patio roof structures. An elevated patio cover provides increased natural light, air circulation, and airy-ness. The increased pitch can match the existing roof pitch which is so much more attractive and also reduces debris accumulation, leakage, and water damage. And re-roofing the house is easy—just apply roofing around the standard roofjack flashings.

Learn more about the SkyLift roof riser hardware at Invented and made in Oregon!


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