Top Ten Remodeling Wishes

‘Tis the season we do our best to make everyone’s dreams come true. But during the holidays many of us find it difficult to fully realize those dreams in our current living spaces.  We begin imagining how much better it could be if only. . .

As we work with homeowners designing and remodeling their homes, we get to hear a lot about “if only”.  So we decided to compile a list of our client’s TOP TEN REMODELING WISHES. See if some of these holiday wishes match your own.

Photo by tmorkemo, used by permission

  1. If only . . . we had a fresh and pretty guest bathroom.
  2. If only . . . our kitchen wasn’t closed off from the rest of the house, maybe we could enjoy our guests while we made dinner preparations.
  3. If only . . . our kitchen was functional and drop dead gorgeous–all those hours of cooking would be a lot more fun.
  4. If only . . . we had an extra bedrom for our guests . . .
  5. . . . and a extra bathroom!
  6. If only . . . we had an attached but not too attached back yard family room where the teenagers could hang out.
  7. If only . . . the empty attic space could be turned into a really cool home office/man cave.
  8. If only . . . the master bathroom was a relaxing retreat . . . with heated tile floors . . . mmmmmmm.
  9. If only . . . we had storage space for all our stuff.
  10. If only . . . we had more room . . . we NEED more room!

Try imagining those dreams fulfilled and how much you’d enjoy the benefits all year long, not just during the holiday season. Take the next step and explore the “what if’s”:

  • What if your home could be vastly improved by implementing a few key changes?
  • What if those changes were within your budget?
  • What if those changes could be accomplished by this time next year?

We can provide answers to all your what-if questions. Call us today at 503-363-1343 for a free in-home consultation. You might be surprised how easy and affordable dream fulfillment can be.


C&R Remodeling has been providing creative & remarkable remodeling solutions in Salem, Keizer, and surrounding areas since 1961. C&R designers, consultants, and craftsmen partner with homeowners to create beautiful and highly functional kitchens, bathrooms, additions, decks, patio covers, and whole house makeovers. Call 503-363-1343 today to schedule your free, personal at-home consultation.

Santa photo by mark.seymour, used by permission


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