It’s All About Cabinets

What do you first notice when you enter a newly remodeled kitchen or bathroom? Most likely it is the cabinets. You will find yourself running your fingers across the fine finish, and your curiosity will have you opening doors and drawers to see how they work. Then the ahhhh. . . moment when you experience the soft close hardware. At that point you begin to imagine how new cabinets would look and feel in your own home.

Whether your style is contemporary, rustic, traditional, or transitional, the cabinetry you choose will influence all your other design and product choices. But style is not the only important consideration. Functionality is key to a great kitchen or bath remodel, and layout is at the top of the list. Be sure to choose cabinetry that can be configured just the way you want it and you’ll have  a free hand in designing your space. You’ll also want to be able to choose from a wide range of storage options. Understandably, careful planning here can make every inch of your kitchen or bath work to full capacity while looking great. Finally, pay close attention to cabinet quality–it is an investment that should be expected to last.

Remodeling is first and foremost a lifestyle upgrade, and choosing the right cabinets is the first step toward that goal!

Questions to consider when making cabinet choices:

1) What would you like to change about your current cabinets? The style? Layout? Storage options? Color?

2) How long do you plan to stay in your home? Are you updating to sell or would you like to stay long term?

3) Are you looking for environmentally friendly cabinet choices?

4) How much storage space do you need? Is it more than you currently have?

5) Do you need cabinets for other areas such as an outdoor kitchen, laundry room or garage that could be ordered at the same time?

The designers at C&R Remodeling would be happy to help you find answers to these questions and more. Call today for a free consultation!

A bathroom transformation.

C&R Remodeling has been providing creative & remarkable remodeling solutions in Salem, Keizer, and surrounding areas since 1961. C&R designers, consultants, and craftsmen partner with homeowners to create beautiful and highly functional kitchens, bathrooms, additions, decks, patio covers, and whole house makeovers. Call 503-363-1343 today to schedule your free, personal at-home consultation.

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