What Is Your Color Style?

Rich colors create an warm invitation to enter and enjoy.

Each person has a unique color style that reflects, in part, their personality and what inspires them.  What is your color style or personality?  What color “speaks” to you? Or do certain combinations of colors inspire you?  Do you prefer cooler colors or warmer colors? Some may be drawn to colors of the earth, while others are drawn to colors of the water or sky, or rich and vibrant hues. The selection of color should not be arbitrary, as color has the ability to affect mood, and to create atmosphere in the environment and harmony in a space.

Color has a powerful influence in our lives.  It has the ability to transform spaces and evoke feelings and senses ranging from peace and  tranquility to energy and vitality. Color can inspire us, enliven our spirits, relax or engage us.
Many factors should be considered in the selection of color, including personal preference, how colors influence our emotions and the context of the space. Often times the function of the room will lend itself to the color palette selected, in addition to the size and furnishings of the room.
Color can be combined harmoniously with other colors and accents to create the desired affect in a room.  Certain ratios of color can be utilized, with  accents of color that help unify a space. For example, if you are trying to create an energetic space, full of vitality and vibrancy, the use of red or orange will help to accomplish this.  This doesn’t mean every wall should be painted red or orange. Select a grounding neutral that harmonizes with red or orange, and add a third color to unify them. Perhaps red or orange is used as an accent wall with some accessories in red or orange, or some additional accents in art. The Chinese language has over thirty words to describe red and its variations.
[frame_left]http://www.remodelsalem.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/blue-photo-150×150.jpg[/frame_left]Blue is the ocean and the sky, it conveys tranquility, tradition and dependability.  Blue elicits a calming effect, and is also an excellent accent color.  Consider using blues in areas you’d like to relax or reconnect.
Yellow is bright, warm, playful and happy.  Yellow is sunshine and a day at the beach, and the welcome home ribbons placed around trees.  Yellow is also associated with warmth and represents wisdom.
Orange is vibrant with a strong personality.  It is confident, creative and adventurous.  Orange is joy, solidarity and energy.  It is also related to fire.
Green represents growth, regeneration and health and is the most common [frame_right]http://www.remodelsalem.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Green-photo-150×150.jpg[/frame_right] color found in nature.  “Green” is a movement, it is also a noun.  Green symbolizes equilibrium and peace, and encourages healing and serenity.  Keep in mind that the use of too much green could hinder productivity due to its relaxing qualities, especially in an office.
Brown is of the earth, it is wood, cappuccino and chocolate.  Brown represents sustenance, simplicity, comfort, quality, stability, credibility and  reliability.  Brown is unpretentious and less formal than black.
Black is distinguished, strong and powerful.  Black is the presence of all color in art, and the absence of all color in science.  It is also a superb accent that unifies other colors.
Color is lyrical and it speaks all languages.  It communicates in both subtle and powerful ways, and how we use color has the ability to rejuvenate  a space.  Though there are color guidelines, there are no rules.  Allow yourself to experiment and use colors in ways that inspire you and your home!
Katya W. Grisaffi
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Katya Grisaffi is an accomplished Interior Designer who applies her many talents as a Consultant with C&R Remodeling. After distinguishing herself as a designer in the Portland area, Katya opted to forego the commute and is enjoying being fully devoted to the Salem/Keizer community.
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